Thursday, November 28, 2013

Spread Joy, Share Love, Give Thanks

Recently our Green Bay team has had quite a few bonding experiences. Whether it's been through our usual extended periods of time in the car, 3 hour long spontaneous life-sharing at Culvers, or at the movies seeing Thor and Catching Fire (midnight premier might I add!). I can't really express how much joy this time has brought me. Ever since being here (or even since graduation really) I've been missing all my close friends from college. The bond I share with them is like no other so being away from that has definitely proved a challenge. However, I can see the barriers slowly coming down between everyone here on the team and it makes me so excited! Like you really have no idea... Their acceptance of my weird moods, love for Gavin (which I'll get into more another time), and my nosy desire to know their life stories has been awesome. Some times I just can't stop from smiling because I can just feel the blessings that are these people surrounding me. The amount of dumb jokes we have that we laugh at for way too long may be nauseating to outsiders but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I know I only mentioned the GB team above but I cannot forget the Mensha half of SPIRITUS either! Although we only see each other about once a week we are immediately hugging, joking, and just having a great time together the instant we're reunited. The fact that we hug every person on the other team each time we arrive AND leave melts my heart. In case you don't already know, I love hugs (sorry to all those who don't that I still hug anyways hahah). The hugging has even creeped into Mass during the sign of peace! Basically it's hugging all the time here on SPIRITUS :) Recently, as a whole team, we went on a healing retreat where we learned more about the importance of forgiveness, whether that be giving it to others or accepting it from God. Through that retreat I saw people open up in an entirely new way. Whether in a group or one on one I began to feel even more connected to my teammates. Experiencing their openness and vulnerability was powerful. I want to thank each one of them for that. You're all changing my life every day whether you believe it or not.

So this Thanksgiving, even though I can't be home with my family and friends, I am thankful I have these amazingly accepting, loving, joyful people in my life. It's no Stonehill but that's ok because it most definitely is where I am supposed to be. God may even start to get annoyed with how many times I thank him for this experience and the people I'm sharing it with haha. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, may God bless you and all your family and friends!

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